With Metro Vancouver becoming  increasingly traffic dense and transit infrastructure struggles to keep up with growing demands of its ridership. Corporations, universities and business parks are turning to efficient private shuttle services to provide effective transportation for their students and tenants for the start and end of their day.   These shuttles provide point to point service from major transit hubs or overflow parking lots where passengers can be picked up and dropped off right in front of their doors.  This helps alleviate parking issues, connect multiple campuses or office locations, and allows people to leave their cars at home.

Vanwest Charters currently operates private shuttle services in Burnaby,  Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley,  Abbottsford and Chilliwack with over a 12 different types of organizations.

Providing clean and reliable vehicles operating private scheduled shuttle service between skytrain and offices/campuses and location-to-location transfers. Vanwest can operate customized shuttles in various passenger configurations, on a regular schedule with set intervals customized to suit any company and their requirements.

Our staff will work with you to develop a transportation plan, a schedule of service, provide recommendations and statistics to help understand peak times and the needs of the employee/students.

Benefits of a Corporate Shuttle Service

  • Privately scheduled shuttle service
  • Alleviate parking issues
  • Provide “green” initiative encouraging public transit
  • Qualify for Translink’s EPP program allowing  you to offer employees discounted transit passes
  • Customized shuttle scheduling which can be revisited as your needs change
  • Weekly online rider statistics so you can assess employee use and performance
  • Corporate advertising opportunities on the side of our vehicles through magnetic or mounted sign panels
  • Proper CGL coverage with you listed as an additional insured

Corporate Shuttle Rates

Hourly  rate (min 6 hrs/day) $85-95/hr*

*Various types of vehicle types and sizes available, rates vary based on the contract

All rates above are subject to GST and Gratuity + 10% fuel surcharge